Friday, November 26, 2010

Article Response

I try to manage my time between using my computer and schoolwork. Although, I must admit that sometimes it does feel hard to get off Facebook and do homework just like Vishal. However, I don't think that my time online has a particularly negative relationship with my grades. On occasional procrastinating causes me to hand assignments in a day or two late, but not the inability to stop using my computer.
I don't believe that technology to amplifies my personality. I suppose it does let me express my self, by shooting a photograph and digitally manipulating it into a work of art.
The author did a really good job in describing the ways how technology may affect teenagers. However, there was no mention of the fact that the students are also just plain lazy. The teens that let texting and YouTube steer them away from performing as good as they can at school, may already have bad work habits. Coupled with numerous distractions that technology may offer, poor work habits will inevitably result in poor grades.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Blog Post # 10

1) Learing new pieces of software and teaching video production and editing techniques are the topics I would find myself most competent at. I love learning new things and I plan on pursuing film production as a career and I have quite a bit of experience with various editing suites.

2) Ratings:

  1. Creativity- 9
  2. Responsibility- 7~8
  3. Web Design- 4
  4. Developing Action Plans- 7
  5. Teaching Other People- 8
  6. Meeting Deadlines -8
I think I'm fairly well versed in the creative department, as long as it does not involve building websites. I  sometimes procrastinate, however, if there is a large portion of my mark at stake, I tend to get things done in a timely manner. I might not be the greatest leader, but if faced with a task to lead I will definitely strive to do my best, and I will produce acceptable results at the very least .

3) I would be fairly comfortable with leading a group, however, I don't think that I should be a number one candidate for this. I'm not particularly interested in doing this.

4) I would be more comfortable working with a partner, although, I do not completely dismiss the possibility of working with a team.

5) I would be the most comfortable if I got a chance to work with a media subject. English and Business are fine as well, however, I don't want anything to do with Geography, History and Biology. Media is my first choice because I've had a chance to work with a number of different forms of media, and because I will be able to pick up new media software very quickly.

IDC Blog Post Number 9

I think classes that make use of smartboards are the perfect starting point for implementing this solution. A teacher can demonstrate the dropbox software and the usage procedure to the students. Students will be able to access all of the class worksheets and handouts from the comfort of their homes. As we obtain more netbooks these classes should be the first to implement them as not only tools for note taking but also as a method of digitally distributing class materials. Students will not only be able to access notes, but also share notes and participate in class using the netbooks. This is only one of the possible uses of netbooks, however, if we do want to adopt them, using the computers for this purpose will be equivalent to taking that first baby steps towards a technology based learning environment.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Blog Post Number 8

Idea: all teachers should upload their notes on the Internet to make them more easily accessible to students.

Subject Area: all subjects.

Details: Teachers should use either a personal website or Dropbox to distribute necessary notes. With the availability of netbooks we can reduce the use of paper, while increasing the availability of learning materials for students, thus enhancing the learning experience.
Technology Needed: website creation tools and/or Dropbox.
  • Faster access to notes
  • Saves paper- good for environment
  • Makes materials more easily available before tests
  • Enhances learning
  • May take a few months to implement
  • Might be an issue for teachers who are not comfortable with technology
What Needs to Happen to Make the Idea Work:
  1. Dropbox should be fully set up and tested
  2. Workshops for teachers should take place
  3. IDC students should fix any issues that may arise

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

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Thursday, October 7, 2010

IDC Blog Post # 6

The Future Shop contest entry requires ideas from our entire class. Everybody should contribute their ideas for both the video and the written statement. I'm not exactly sure what we should do in particular and that's exactly why I propose that we have the opinions of everybody else heard, since one person's opinion may inspire others.

IDC Blog Post # 5

I think that our school is more than compitent to win the staples contest. Our SWITCH initiative is an example to other schools, and the fact that they were able to raise enough money to install solar panels is a very strong argument for the essay. Consulting Mr. Carpenter and switch members would be an advantage as well.